Cadastre and cadastral maps

What are cadastral maps?

Cadastral maps are all maps prepared by the cadastre authority, showing the position and shape of all cadastral plots and buildings or other structures permanently located on such cadastral plots or underneath their surface. Collections of cadastral maps serve to land register users to facilitate the determination of plot position and shape.  


Copy of cadastral map

Cadastral maps show the lines of cadastral plots, buildings that are built on them and numbers of cadastral plots. One may obtain a copy of cadastral map from the competent cadastral office, showing the cadastral plot on the cadastral map.


Property deed

Cadastral offices keep and maintain property deeds. Property deed is a list of information related to real property. Property deeds record the users of cadastral units and data pertaining to cadastral units such as number, address, purpose, building type and area. Land registers are based on data collected by way of cadastral survey. Title deed transcript is a public document listing the description of a cadastral plot and the user of such cadastral plot.


Cadastral data

Cadastral information related to real property descriptions is available from the following link



ARKOD is the national system of land plot identification. Cadastral maps offered by ARKOD are available here.

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