Terms and conditions of business

General terms and conditions regulate the business relationship between Albedo d.o.o. (Ltd.) and natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as: Client) entering into the Real Estate Brokerage Agreement with Albedo d.o.o.  Albedo d.o.o. is an authorized broker meeting all requirements prescribed by law in relation to real estate brokerage, and registered in the Register of Real Estate Brokers in the Republic of Croatia, kept by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. Albedo d.o.o. employs one or more brokers who are registered in the Register of Real Estate Agents.



Albedo d.o.o. shall enter into the Real Estate Brokerage Agreement with the seller upon the sellers request for the sale of real estate, whereby Albedo d.o.o. shall undertake to provide the Client (seller) with the following services:

  1. It shall invest all reasonable efforts to find and introduce the seller to the third person with the aim of realizing the brokered deal,
  2. It shall introduce the seller to the average market price of real estate that have similar characteristics to that of the seller,
  3. It shall review the ownership documents or documents related to other real rights over the real estate, and shall inform the seller of any possible shortcomings and/or risks related to unsorted land register documents, registered real or other rights of third persons, legal ramifications of failure to fulfill obligations toward third parties, shortcomings of building or occupancy permit pursuant to competent laws and regulations, circumstances created by the right of preemption and limitations in legal affairs pursuant to specific regulations.
  4. It shall carry out actions related to the presentation of the real estate on the market, propely advertise the real estate and carry out all other actions as defined by the Real Estate Brokerage Agreement that go beyond standard presentation, for which it shall be compensated as defined by the said Agreement,
  5. Enable real estate viewing,
  6. Participate in negotiations and invest all possible efforts to finalize the deal
  7. If the object/t of sale is a land plot, it shall check the zoning in accordance with urban planning regulations relating to that specific land plot.



When the buyer gives Albedo d.o.o. a verbal or written request to put him/her in contact with the seller or request that Albedo d.o.o. negotiate the deal, it shall be considered that Albedo d.o.o. and the Client (buyer) have entered in a Real Estate Brokerage Agreement and Albedo d.o.o. undertakes to provide the buyer with the following services:

  1. It shall present the buyer with the proof of ownership for the real estate which is the subject of purchase,
  2. It shall organize the verification of the Sales Agreement by the Notary Public,
  3. In the event the purchasing price is paid by bank loan in part or in full, it shall assist the buyer in the process by providing all necessary documentation related to the real estate,
  4. It shall register the mortgage in the Land Register and provide the buyer with the Land Register document with registered mortgage,
  5. It shall be present for the payment of the purchasing price, or shall obtain payment transfer order from the buyer and shall be present at the time of transfer of property and keys, at which time it shall fill out a record of transfer if requested by the buyer,
  6. It shall introduce the buyer to tax obligations.



Agency Fee is determined by the applicable Price List issued by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Agency Fee is charged at the time of Preliminary Sales Agreement or the Sales Agreement, whichever should come first, from both, buyer and seller.


In Makarska, 29/09/2009

Albedo d.o.o.

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