Dear Clients!

We would like to acknowledge the fact that there is still a large number of unauthorized brokers active on the Croatian real estate market, who will not hesitate to sell you real estate without checking the complete documentation related to the real estate that is being sold, or will consciously keep information from you. Some brokers intentionally advertise lower prices of real estate than the prices set by the sellers, with the sole aim of attracting the attention of potential buyers using false information. There are also brokers who take it upon themselves to sell real estate they were not authorized to sell by the owner of such real estate or any direct contact with the owner, along with using photos stolen from websites of other agencies, etc.  

Agencies (brokers) that comply with all the laws and regulations related to real estate brokerage in the Republic of Croatia are registered in the Register of Real Estate Brokers at the Croatian Chamber of Economy (the list can be found here) (http://hgkreg.hgk.hr/posredovanje/).  

Pursuant to the Real Estate Brokerage Act, on 21 April 2009, Ministry of Economy issued a Decision Class: UP/I-330-01/09-01/707, Ref.n.: 526-05-01-01/2-09-2 confirming that Albedo Ltd. meets all prescribed requirements for carrying out activities related to real estate brokerage, and approving that Albedo Ltd. be registered with the Register of Real Estate Broker under number 286/2009 on 07/05/2009.

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